About Camps

The Vero Beach Karate Association has been offering camps to young people for the past twenty years. VBKA also provides holiday camps during the winter holiday season, as well as spring break camp.

“Some our best work takes place during camp,” said Mr. Willis, VBKA’s Founder. “We want our students to be proficient martial artists, but we also want them to be ladies and gentlemen.”

Camps center around the martial arts, and campers train three mornings a week. For students who already belong to the association, this intensified training schedule helps them advance in their martial arts skills at an accelerated rate, which is a great feature.

Character Development — A High Priority

Along with Martial Arts Training, our campers participate in Good Manners Workshops, Leadership Training, and other enrichment activities. We strive to create smart, well-rounded, fit young men and women.

It is through the camps that long term friendships and bonds are developed.


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