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Celebrating 50 Years! Now Under New Ownership.

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Karate and Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts Training

Classes for all ages:

  • TNT’s (Tiny Tots) - Age 5 - 6
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Adults & Seniors

At VBKA we teach two martial arts styles to all ages: Karate (forms, katas) and Jiu-Jitsu (self-defense). Judo and Weapons Training are also integral parts of the program (age-appropriate).

A Variety of Programs & Activities

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Vacation Camps

The Vero Beach Karate Association has been offering camps to young people for over fifteen years. The camp schedule follows the public school system, and camp sessions start as soon as school is out for the summer and end when school resumes. VBKA also provides holiday camps during the winter holiday season, as well as a spring break camp.

Fitness, Wellbeing, and Personal Development

Cardio-Karate (Aerobic Kickboxing) is a great way for busy adults who are not interested in earning a black belt to benefit from what the martial arts has to offer. They can dress comfortably and have a lot of fun getting in shape, plus they learn a great deal of self-defense. Participating in a Cardio-Karate program requires no previous martial arts experience.


Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi for Health is ideal for those who are not able to participate in strenuous workouts. This is truly a low impact exercise program that can invigorate your body with minimal risk of strain or injury. Tai Chi for Health is a program anyone can do. Each hour starts with slow exercise to build muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and improve breathing.

Leadership Program

The goal of the VBKA Leadership program is to help people become leaders. This program involves training beyond the regular martial arts curriculum and includes motivational and leadership skills training. This additional training helps develop people into leaders in their families, schools, churches, and in any field in which leadership skills are needed.

We’re dedicated to self-defense, fitness, and personal development for you and your family!

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Vero Beach Karate Association

Milestone Plaza, 2015 9th Street SW, Vero Beach, FL
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