About Tiny Tots

AGES: 5 – 6 years old

The TNT Program incorporates age specific self-defense techniques with many other valuable skills, such as concentration, coordination, focus, balance, and speed. Additionally, emphasis is placed on respect for others and working effectively and cooperatively in a group setting. This is designed to develop young children into individuals who can successfully participate in the Martial Arts and other sports activities, and do so with an attitude of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Age appropriate, developmentally sound Martial Arts Training:

Benefits children in their home life and school studies.

Adds fitness into a student’s life.

Teaches practical self-defense skills.

Promotes discipline, self-control, and respect toward others.

Increases energy, enthusiasm, and is fun!

In all the VBKA programs, the development of confident, capable young people is the primary goal, but helping them grow into well-behaved, polite ladies and gentlemen is also part of our strategy. This process starts even with the youngest students.


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