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Member Testimonies

"When asked how their daughter, as a new student,  is enjoying the Beginner Class:

“We are loving it! All the instructors are so kind and patient. We love the teaching style - it’s not rushed and details are not overlooked. We love that Meah is getting a quality education. We wouldn’t want to take her anywhere else. Thank you!”

Rachel Flores (Meah’s mom) 

Friday, February 7,  2020

Dear Vero Beach Karate Association,

Thank you. Thank you, not only for the scholarship, but for everything that you have taught me over the past twelve years. Thank you for the lifelong friendships that you have allowed me to make through the summer camp programs. Thank you for following my growth inside and outside of the karate school. Finally, thank you for teaching me how to be a well-rounded young man.

It is very rare to find a place as unique as the Vero Beach Karate Association. It is a place where people not only learn self-defense, but where they learn valuable life lessons that will stick with them forever. It is a place where people come together year after year as a family in order to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association or for the Scholarship Fund. It is a place that invests in the lives of young people and rewards them for their hard work, not just within the karate school but also, for the work that is done in the community and classroom.

To Mr. Willis, thank you for creating this wonderful place that continually and positively affects the lives of the children in the program, inspiring them with hopes and dreams of achieving their black belt. It is truly an honor to have been a part of this amazing program throughout the years, and I am so thankful for everything that this program has done for me.


Richard Brown

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Dear Mr. Willis and Mrs. Watkins,

Thank you so much for such a generous scholarship and also for everything that you both have done for me throughout my childhood. You two are truly amazing people and have touched the lives of many young adults like me. Here is a picture of some of your scholarship recipients at our prom last weekend. I thought I would share because we took this picture just for you all.

Lindsay Alexander

From left to right: Lindsay Alexander, Kyle Arango, Richard Brown, Evan Norconk, and Sammi Howard

VBKA has been a wonderful place for my children to learn and grow. The patience and self-discipline they have learned through this program are fundamental in every area of their lives. Tremendous values and moral character are integrated in their instruction. These values and character have transferred into keeping them grounded and focused and have been of extreme benefit as they have grown. 

There is no other program of instruction we have ever been involved in that has had such a great, positive impact in their lives. The true care and concern from the instructors and other students are rare and precious "gifts" that will be treasured as they continue their journey with VBKA.

Stacy Edgecomb

VBKA has helped my child gain confidence for the past 2 1/2 years. She is so proud to follow in her brother’s footsteps. She loves coming to class and the Saturday weapons seminars to learn new skills.  VBKA has been great because I have two children at the school. They have this shared interest that they can talk about and practice at home. I love that VBKA also promotes core values and personal improvement/setting goals. 

Sarah Erickson, Mother of 7 year old Green belt Mallory 

My son, Brandon, has been attending VBKA for over 5 years now. He’s now a second degree black belt in Karate and Jiu Jitsu. The wonderful instructors at VBKA have helped him achieve all his goals so far. They have helped him become a hard worker, be self confident, responsible and respectful, which are all the needed qualities to be the well rounded young man he is now. Thank you so much to everyone that has helped him throughout his journey so far.  

Nathalie Rancourt, Mother of 2nd Degree Black Belt Brandon Bedard

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