About Teen’s Program

AGES: 11 +

Teens need a fast-paced, high intensity workout that is both challenging and fun. VBKA has designed their teen classes with that premise in mind.

VBKA strives to form a partnership with parents and teachers in order to create an environment that has a positive influence on the development of young people. To bring this about, VBKA has carefully studied the elements that make it happen.

Teenagers, need good role models, because like it or not, young people emulate the role models in their life. So, it is important for parents to make sure that the role models in their children’s lives have the kind of character traits and virtues that will influence them in a positive way.

Along the way in this martial art activity, teenagers and young children are encouraged to excel in school, in sports, in music, or art …. to develop their talents and abilities. They are inspired to become the best persons they can be, which also includes being respectful to parents, grandparents, teachers, and other adults in their lives.

VBKA has also invested a great deal of time and energy designing programs that develop leadership qualities in young people. Leadership skills do not just happen in a young person’s life! And that is why it is so important for parents and teenagers to carefully guard activity choices and to be sure that the leaders and fellow students involved in the activity share their interest in pursuing the path of personal development.

The VBKA leadership realizes that, for the most part, teenagers are starving for wholesome direction and inspiration. They also know that they are extremely vulnerable to peer pressure. Because the martial arts has a strong attraction for young people, the staff carefully seeks ways to use this training opportunity to provide the much needed venue for great things to happen in the lives of teenagers.


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