HIIT to be FIT - High Intensity Interval Training

A High Intensity Workout for everyone that strengthens, tones, and reduces stress!


HIIT to be Fit is a 30-minute workout that will help you build strength, tone muscles, and reduce stress. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Everyone can do the work out at his or her own pace. This program will specifically work on building endurance, strength, power, and enhancing your core. Each element can help you work towards any goal, whether it be losing weight or toning your muscles.


HIIT to be Fit runs in 6-week seasons, with two sessions per week and a free trial week in between each season.

Cost: $120/6 weeks

(Special prices for VBKA family members currently enrolled in our school)


Upcoming sessions to be announced. Stay tuned ....

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