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Great children don't just happen!


The formation of children into confident, well-mannered, and successful young adults is a process that includes caring and supportive parents, inspiring teachers, wholesome enrichment activities, well-developed programs, and positive role models.


While the martial arts is the center of what we do at the Vero Beach Karate Association, we learned many years ago that it could also be a vehicle to enrich people's lives through character building and personal development activities.


We have carefully developed a variety of worthwhile and fulfilling activities, and these "enrichment" activities distinguish VBKA from many other martial arts schools.

Student Excellence Award

Every three months a Student Excellence Award is presented to two outstanding students. The selection is based on good grades, involvement in other school, community, or church activities, and the student's training spirit in class. The students are selected because they train hard, are dependable, and display good sportsmanship.


Each recipient receives a $100.00 prize, along with their name on a permanent plaque at the Main School. The Vero Beach Karate Association has given nearly $30,000.00 to worthy students.



Academics is a high priority at the Vero Beach Karate Association. Students are encouraged to work for academic excellence.  Three achievement programs sponsored by VBKA highlight and focus on excellence in school: the Academic Achievers Program, the Student Excellence Award, and the College Scholarship Program. To learn more about these programs, please visit the VBKA Scholarship page.

MDA Annual Fundraiser

Bill Smith and Family

MDA Poster Child for Florida in the1970s

Many years ago VBKA decided to take on an Association charity. The Muscular Dystrophy Association seemed like a good way to show students how blessed they are to be able to participate in a vigorous physical activity like the martial arts, while other children and adults must struggle with immense physical limitations. Consequently, the VBKA leadership undertook an ongoing effort to raise money to help them cover their monumental medical and living expenses, as well as to contribute to medical research for effective treatment and cures.


The Vero Beach Karate Association holds an annual Kick-a-Thon to raise money for MDA. To date VBKA members have raised over $200,000.00 in donations.


The 2013  fundraiser included a donation from Frank and Debbie Smith of Ft. Lauderdale, whose son Bill (pictured left) was the "poster boy" for Florida in the 1970s. Bill lived heroically, but died as a young adult. Below is a letter written to Mr. Willis.


Dear Mr. Willis,


Enclosed is a picture of our son Bill -- who was poster boy for our state around the 70s. He was such a great gift to our family -- loved sports -- had his own team -- graduated BCC and worked teaching PE at the church school. I could go on and on. But I want to especially thank you, as your are a very special person yourself. We would love to meet you and share some more of Billy's life. We are also very fond of your sister and have been friends for years. Keep in touch and thanks again.


Yours truly,

Frank and Debbie Smith

MDA Day includes a "carnival" in which children participate in games and challenges. Demonstrations, presentation of Black Belt Scholarships, naming the latest recipients of the Student Excellence Award, and a barbeque lunch are all part of this day's activities.

Leadership Program


The goal of the VBKA Leadership program is to help people -- young and old -- become leaders. This program involves training beyond the regular martial arts curriculum and includes motivational and leadership skills training. This additional training helps develop people into leaders in their families, schools, churches, and in any field in which leadership skills are needed.


All students are encouraged to help newer or lower level students, and VBKA maintains a requirement that students must have 30 hours assisting an Instructor to qualify for Black Belt. This not only reinforces what they have learned, but also, in a larger way, helps them to become better leaders and givers.



Please visit the Camps page for a closer look at the VBKA camps. Along with a concentrated opportunity for increased and intensified martial arts training, the camps include many enriching activities, such as ballroom dancing, dance etiquette, dating etiquette, table manners, telephone etiquette, and music and art enrichment activities. The VBKA approach is to provide a camp experience that is fun and uplifting, while also providing a foundation for developing young people into great adults.


The camps also provide a context for grooming teenagers to be great role models for other young people. The opportunity for teens to be trained as camp counselors and then experience a leadership role first hand, not only develops them as proficient martial artists, but also promotes growth in the all-important areas of responsibility and reliability.


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