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Self Defense • Fitness • Personal Development

In life there are correct principles for successful living, and these are infused into each facet of our core ideology!

Our Head Instructor, Mr. Willis, decided in the early years of this Association that the martial arts program could be a vehicle for developing people in all areas of their lives.  He was disappointed in the leadership of many martial arts programs that only promoted a "kick-punch" approach, and with many of the leaders who had not devoted much of their time in perfecting their own character.

Students from VBKA and several visiting martial arts schools line up by rank as the Annual VBKA Tournament gets underway.

Because VBKA's attention to core values is the foundation upon which the program is built, the school's curriculum is strong, consisting of the three elements that make up its Core Ideology: Self Defense, Fitness, and Personal Development.

Great care and attention has been given to each of the core values -- self defense, fitness, and personal development -- so that while our students are perfecting their martial arts skills, they are also developing and perfecting all the areas of their lives. We not only want our students to be proficient martial artists, we also want them to be polite ladies and gentlemen with good character.

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