Vero Beach Karate Association: Children - Ages 7-10

In the Children's Martial Arts Program, students learn both Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. These classes are a careful blend of two different martial arts that provide a broad foundation of self-defense techniques and skills.

Character Development is another important feature of the VBKA Children's Program. Qualities that make up strong character are stressed: patience, hard work, mutual aid, sportsmanship, achievement, and respect for parents, teachers, and other children.

Academic Achievement is respected and honored at the Vero Beach Karate Association. Report cards are submitted each marking period. Students who make the A-B honor roll are rewarded with Academic Achiever Patches for their uniform. These patches are presented at different times of the year as part of VBKA special events in which the presentation is made with many people in attendance to applaud their achievement.

The Children's Program is very goal oriented. Students work towards different colored belts which validate their skill and achievement.

Both physical and mental stamina are developed by martial arts training.

The Children's Program is structured around learning and discipline, but allows for individual attention and self-development. Courtesy and respect are required at all times.


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